Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day Reflection

How I see my Father?

Well, for starters, I don’t know anyone who I agree and disagree with so much. For the most part, my father is right. I have said it before and I will say it again...a great majority of things my father has told me, most of which I heard but did not heed, was all true. But paths had to be chosen, and ultimately I was the only one who could choose them.  

I may not always enjoy his political views, or some views in general...I think it has much to do with his brash deliveries. That all aside, it is the innate and absolute honest ethic I see from that man, through his actions, and through his life, that I could not agree and aspire to be more like. The only “more” that I could give that feat, is to actually act/be like that. 

It’s a work in progress..
I learn too quick,
I apply too slow. 

I— his daughter, at my core, operate of Love. A sibling to six. A Writer, a Lyricist, a Feeler, a Thinker, a Musician. A Creative. A woman of two names, of sound and words, food and flavour. Dichotomy. Community. Of Laughter, of Joy. Touch and Senses. Vibration. Variety. Viscosity.  A Worker with Wanderlust, and a natural born Chiller. Cultured. Volatile. Empathetic. Hind-sighted. Hardly decided. Spontaneous. Stubborn and Resistant.

But my Father is a man of action. I believe at his core, my father operates with Care: it's dressed in work clothes and smoothed out with sandpaper. Tough. A Father of Five. A Farmer, a Sailor, a Carpenter, a Builder. A Sports-man. A Speaker of several Languages. Traveler. Diligent, Dedicated, Determined. Smart. Sensible. Focused. Funny. William, a Worker, Weathered, and Wholesome. Vigorous. Tasks are completed. Always ready, always prepared. Forward thinking. Decided. Calculated. Stubborn and Persistent. 

To be born of such a seed, I say Amen!
For of it came NEW life. Change. Differences. Conflict. 
But at the core remains Blood, Roots, and Resolution. Love. 

To my Father: William Velasco, 
You are both a good man, and a good father. 

I love you, 
Happy Fathers Day.