Friday, October 11, 2013

H is for The Head & The Heart

" that bridge getting built? Are your hands getting filled? Won't you tell me my brother..cos there are stars up above...we can start moving forward..."

It's been years now since I crashed on the couch of the small downstairs area which belonged to Scott and Wes-- two amazing West Seattle Musicians who were kind enough to let me live with them for two months until I found a place of my own. That place ended up being one of the most wonderful and quirkiest houses I've ever lived much character-- and located in beautiful Beacon Hill, one block away from The Red Apple.

I was so...sad...I felt pretty defeated but yet very strong...must have been my youth or something, I looked to each day with so much hope and so much excitement for life in general...everyday was new...because everyday was a struggle..with my conscience, with my financial situation, with my lover and with myself in general. It was Winter...and it was bitter...and it was sweet.

I listened, every nite, to The Head & The Heart during that time...I was given this album by Scott...their independent of about 10,000 before they got signed and re-released the album. I leant that album to some random customer who loved what she was hearing, as I played them (over and over) at the cafe, and I told her I needed this CD go home and burn it and bring it back. She never did man...and Ooooh I hope she either still has it or passed it on!

So one nite around this time I'm at open mic...and this new bloke comes in...gorgeous tall man..with an epic EPIC dark beard and this beautiful head of hair...his voice is SO's so familiar...

I go up and I sing, and he tells me he loved my voice and we shake hands and make a little chit chat--whatever. It wasn't until AFTER he left, that someone told me "That was John, the singer from The Head & The Heart!"

It's so Seattle...and it's so everything I miss.

I'm sure my missing home the way I do has to do with living on a camp...seeing the same exact things's pretty tough for a gal like me.

I dream almost every nite of Seattle or the people there....Oh man... I can't wait to see where I go in my dreams tonite..

All my love...


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