Sunday, August 25, 2013

P is for Personal Legend

Hey you all!

Well, it's 22:08 here in Australia, Sunday evening...I'm going to go finish reading my book but I just wanted to share some thoughts....mainly because I am now alone in the main room, as everyone has retired for the nite.

I keep dreaming of home.....and I really miss it. I miss it because I know I won't be back in a few months... it will be a while for me...but I also know this is something I need to do.

I'm reading The Alchemist...and I had started reading it a long time ago but I had never finished it and I'm going to tonite....but in this book, it talks about ones Personal Legend...

I definitely know that Traveling is part of my Personal Legend...and though I miss my little sisters...the comfort of my city and home up north...I miss Tim a lot...I miss the music I used to make with the musicians I knew...I know I have to fulfill what I need to for the time that I will be gone.

The people are WONDERFUL here....and I have already grown to love them...but I seriously miss everyone I left. I don't have much time to be alone or lonely for that matter this moment...I wish I could just have my little sisters...or Tim...or some kind of family. I've never ever lived away from family...and I know I'll be back one day but...I'm just feeling super emotional tonite about it..

I could very well NOT cry about it, I could very well talk myself out of that but I don't think I will tonite.

I was prepping dinner this arvo (afternoon) and I realised these truths--that my Personal Legend is:

To Help Other
To Feed Others
To Share my Voice/Create Music
To Travel
To Raise children into Men and Women

And that's what it is...and it is SO nice to come to a realisation of yes, I want many many things in life, and I always felt so overwhelmed and very confused as I didn't know what I was really meant for or which path to take but now I think I know,  these are my "Maktub"...this is what has been written and what I dream to accomplish...and what I know the Universe will conspire to help me achieve because these are truly in my heart and what is written for the Personal Legend of my life (I believe).

I wanted to share that all with you...and write a little something because I'm all sobby and missing my home.

Oh! Speaking of missing home...we were all sitting around singing National Anthems from our Country...the Aussies refused--they didn't want to sing out loud haha...The Canadian did his country SO proud....but anyway, they asked me to sing my National Anthem...and one of the girls from NZ said she didn't care to hear the American Anthem, she's never heard it and had no desire to. After I sang it, I said "And THAT'S the National Anthem" ...and she goes "I'm sorry, which country?"

I kind of wish I told her that the Star Spangled know, the one with the broad stripes and bright stars...was the Filipino National Anthem.

Hahaha. It was silly, but V form the UK and Tish from NZ both loved it and Tish told me while I was singing it she felt super patriotic even though it's not even her country's anthem hahaha. Yeah, seriously though. This is what I was trying to explain to the other's such an epic piece of music....even if you don't like simply can't beat our song. It really just goes too hard....u mad bro?

Hehe. All my love ya'll!!



  1. You know why it's amazing? It's because it's a drinking tune... :) drinking songs are always the best.

  2. ....Oh..I don't feel that way whatsoever about our National Anthem.